The John W. Hart Building filled with students, community members and bands at I-Cover on Saturday, Nov. 7.

Some came for the music, others to see their friends perform and many to have a fun time.
“I came because my roommates are performing,” said Amber Seidel, a sophomore studying                   elementary education.
Kylie McDonald, a senior majoring in theater studies, said she came to see her friend, who plays the guitar, perform    at I-Cover.
“I think it’s cool to have bands on campus,” McDonald said. “I’m really excited.”
Josh Wheeler, a junior studying biology, and Holly Twitchell, a senior studying fine arts, said they came to I-Cover on a date.
“I’ve been here before, and it was pretty fun last time,” Wheeler said. “I like the music.”
Shane Worthen, a senior studying mechanical engineering, said he likes to hear the music and see the talent at I-Cover.
“There’s talent here at BYU-Idaho,” Worthen said.
Wesley Greene, a sophomore studying biology, said he came because of his friend but also because of  the talent.


“I’m excited to see the talent we have at BYU-I,” Greene said.

Kelsey Caton, a sophomore studying English, Mariah Moss, a freshman studying music education composite, and Rhett Harris, a freshman studying recreation management, make up the band “Vinyl Edge” that performed at I-Cover.
“I heard about I-Cover at an acoustic open house,” Moss said. “Kelsey and I had been singing together for a while, but we needed someone else in the band.”
Caton said she heard Harris playing the guitar in a music store so she asked him to be in the band with her and Moss.
“I like being able to share our unique style and hearing everyone else,” Harris said.
Austin Eversole, a junior studying computer science, said he is a member of the band “Revocade” that performed Saturday night.
“I just joined the band five weeks ago,” Eversole said. “My dream was to join a band when I got home from my mission.”
Eversole said his favorite thing about I-Cover is the excitement. He said he likes they way everyone comes together over their common interest of music.
Luke Bradshaw, a sophomore studying health science, said he is a member of the band “Hashtag.”
“The best part is the guys in the band,” Bradshaw said. “It’s the ultimate brotherhood.”
Bradshaw said that one day him and his friends were talking and they realized each of them played a different instrument or sang.
He said after that conversation, it all came together and the group was formed.
Alan Embree, a senior majoring in international studies and a member of “Hashtag,” said the band tries to do I-Cover every semester.
“We hope to put on a really memorable performance,” Embree said.
Kyle Hill, a senior studying geology and a member of “Hashtag,” said the band was pumped to perform.
“This is the single greatest event on campus,” Hill said.