The Charity Date Night was held Tuesday evening in the Manwaring Center to raise donations and encourage dating within the student body.

The event was composed of a silent auction for different date packages, as well as a blind dating game. The auction dates included things like two tickets to different events coming up on campus, a Date Box, a cookie baking date or a movie night date.

There were donations of household and canned goods used as admission. Donators received tickets, which they could use for the silent auction, depending on the amount of items they brought to donate.

All donations were given to the Rexburg Family Crisis Center.

Kevin Esperanza, one of the managers of the event and a freshman studying business management, said the auction items were almost all donated by groups on campus.

The dating game was the main event, which would have a bachelor or bachelorette asking different questions to three unseen, anonymous contestants.

Some of the questions asked were, “What is your best pick up line?” or “What is your idea of a perfect date?” and “What do you hate most about dating?”

The bachelor or bachelorette was given a list of questions to choose from to get to know the contestants more.

“We really wanted to do something for charity,” said Madison Hanline, one of the managers of the event and a senior studying communication. “That was our main goal.”

She said they decided to do the silent auction as well as the dating game in order to include both married and single students.

Esperanza said they planned this event for their events management class and have been working on it since September.

Brett Turner, a junior studying computer science, said he came to support the charity but also found the event was interesting and had fun watching.

Shaylene Sorrow, another manager of the event and a junior studying communication, said her favorite part was watching so many people, including her friends and roommates, come together to support a local charity.