Alan Dutson, Director of Academic Outcomes & Assessment, opened the June 16th Devotional by reminding students that a central message of the gospel is that we can change and become more like Jesus Christ.

“The process of becoming takes time,” Dutson said. “And is done step-by-step, line-upon-line.”

Dutson said that it is our experiences in life that provide us opportunities to change and grow. He shared examples by explaining the change and experiences his eldest sons gained on their missions.

As his second son served in South Africa, he learned to love and deeply care for the African people.

“Serving as a missionary can be a wonderful season of growth,” Dutson stated. “But there are other opportunities to grow throughout life as well.”

He goes on to suggest that simply being a student at BYU-Idaho is one such opportunity, because the university helps students to be disciple-leaders, lifelong learners, creative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, skilled professionals and engaged citizens.

“Are you becoming these things?” He asked audience.

Brother Dutson suggested three topics that can help us become more like the savior: first, our role in the process of becoming.

“We must exhort our own best efforts to create a change in our minds, a change in our actions, and a change in our hearts,” Dutson said. “Whatever it is that you are striving to become, you must first figure out what effort is required of you, and then you must do it.”

Second is the role of the Spirit.

“We cannot become who we should become without the help of the Lord,” Dutson said. “The power of the Holy Ghost truly can magnify our individual efforts.”

Dutson closed his talk by explaining the third topic: obtaining the Spirit through the word of God.

“Whatever else we may do, we must learn and follow the word of God.”

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