Students who once crowded into the Mark Austin Technical and Electrical Engineering Building for classes are now finding a home in the Science and Technology Center.

Josh Backstein, a sophomore studying computer science, said he felt as though the Austin Building did not have the space or resources for his major.

“It seems like we were just kind of there because there wasn’t really a great spot for us, and we just kind of fit there,” he said.

The STC is now home to four departments: Animal and Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Computer Information Technology and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments.

Lisa Barnes, a senior studying animal science, said going to the Livestock Center for classes made her feel like her major did not have a building. Now that she has a building she is in more often, she is able to feel more at home on campus.

“We were mixed with the meat lab a lot,” she said. “(The STC) just seems more professional. I feel like we actually get to learn the things we want to.”

The STC has over 106,000 square feet, 51 offices, two conference rooms, 18 lab areas and five student study rooms, according to the STC webpage.

Backstein said some of the study rooms have “part of the glass frosted, so you can write on it using a whiteboard marker and so you can write out the algorithms you need.”

Maria Shpakovska, a sophomore majoring in international studies, said the STC helps her studying due to the environment.

“It’s so bright and pretty much wherever you go,” she said. “There’s sunlight, so it just feels more free, more comfortable, more cozy. (You) just sit and just study (because it’s) more relaxing.”

With five majors now moved primarily to the STC, hopefully the Austin Building will be a little freer as well.