The next St. Patrick’s Day-themed Improv Workshop show will have students roaring with laughter.

Shelby Wright, a performer in the St. Patrick’s Day show and a sophomore studying communication, said the show will open its curtains on March 17. There will be two showtimes, one at 7 p.m. and one at 9 p.m., at the Manwaring Center Little Theater. Tickets are $1 and will be available online or at the University Store ticket office.

“(The St. Patrick’s Day Comedy Show is) pretty much like all our other shows,” Wright said. “This one will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme. We pretty much get together and create a few games we will perform.”

CASSIE GARDNER | Scroll Photography

Wright said improv is give and take, and there is nothing scripted. He said imagination rules in an improv performance, and it is completely dependent on suggestions and imagination.

“I just want the audience to enjoy themselves,” Wright said. “That is all that matters to me.”

In an improv show, participants gather themselves to the stage and act out a scene according to the games they are playing.

Andrea Bean, a performer for the show and a freshman studying music education, she has performed improv for five years and she was introduced to it in her family. She said that improv has helped her in her personal life and has allowed her to build her self confidence.

“I think improv helps you interact with people on a one-on-one basis,” Bean said. “Me personally, I am shy, so it helps me get out of my comfort zone and gain experience with interactions.”

John Hale, a performer in the show and a sophomore studying accounting, said some of the skits that will be played will be St. Patrick’s Day-themed.

“We start off by warming up the audience,” Hale said. “In improv, it is not just a show, it is a relationship between audience and performers. We listen to their suggestions and use their energy to drive the performance.”