The BYU-Idaho IBC group, Smothers, sells barbecue sandwiches to students even in the middle of winter.

Dallin Smith, cheif executive officer of the group and a senior studying business management, said the group tried thinking of what represents barbecue, and they thought of barbecue sauce.

“When you put it on the meat, you like to smother barbecue sauce all over, and that’s where the name came from,” Smith said.

Jacie Schlottman, a junior studying business management, said the group buys the meat already smoked so all the group has to do is keep it in a Crock-Pot to keep it warm.

Schlottman said the group is stationed in the Spencer W. Kimball Student and Administrative Services Building.

“Most students don’t know about us but we get a lot of return customers,” Schlottman said. “We get a good amount of 20-30 percent of Kimball employees, and they are our target consumers.”

Lee Hanson, a junior studying business management, is in charge of the menu, which he adds to every week.

“We started out with just sandwiches, and from there over the course of the last seven weeks we’ve included salads and nachos,” Smith said. “Just a kind of variety thing to boost our sales.”

Smith said the students in the IBC classes work on average 35 hours a week.

“This is a hands-on experience,” Schlottman said. “It’s not like some class where you turn in paper work and memorize things; it’s actually working, actually analyzing and making decisions off of that data.”

Schlottman said they work four hours a day, every day on this project.

Schlottman said the students switch positions throughout the semester so every student can have the opportunity to experience being in an executive position.

“You get to experience marketing and operations, finance and so on; you get to try out everything,” Schlottman said.