Friday, Oct. 10, the Student Activities held the Acoustic Café in the Crossroads. The event comprised of students performing music as an acoustic cover or an original piece.

Reed Van Leuven, a junior studying business management, was the host of the Acoustic Café and said he was very pleased with the turn-out. He said there was not a single chair left open in the Crossroads.

Michael John, a freshman studying business management, and Valarie Stocks, a freshman studying communication said they came to support a friend and that they enjoyed the show.

“I could tell there was a lot of really good talent that was here,” John said.

Stocks said her favorite song of the evening was the final piece, “Smooth.”

Van Leauven said “Smooth” was his favorite song, too, and that he might be a little bias since one of his friends was in the group, but he said he really liked the lead singer’s voice and his passion for the music.