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Students’ lives change through BYU-Idaho’s Outdoor Activities.

Reece Tyler, a senior studying English, said when he decided to get involved with Outdoor Activities, it changed his life. He went on a riverboarding trip that he said changed his world.

“Outdoor Activities introduces, provides and involves students in lifetime outdoor activities,” according to BYU-I Outdoor Activities Web page.

Tyler said many people in Rexburg say there is nothing to do, but if they get involved in Outdoor Activities, they will be sure to change their minds.

Garrett Hadley, a senior studying business management, said Rexburg is not a very big town, so if students are going to do something, they might as well do it outdoors.

“There are so many different activities you can participate in,” said Michael Tilden, a senior studying recreational management. “You can go paintballing, river rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering. You can even make shoes out of leather.”

Tyler said Outdoor Activities can be done in large or small groups and individually.

“There are even romantic Outdoor Activities,” Tyler said. “ You can go on a canoeing dinner date. We also have stargazing.”

Hadley said students can go to the ORC (Outdoor Resource Center) by the staduim and rent different types of equpment for activities.

“It is nice to have access to equipment you don’t really have with you,” Hadley said.

Hadley said students can rent different types of equipment like canoes, dutch ovens, backpacks and much more outdoor equipment for their activities.

“The Outdoor Resource Center is an auxiliary organization located on the campus of BYU-Idaho that serves the needs of students, employees and community members,” according to the ORC Web page.

Tilden said most activities take place over the weekend, but there are a few held throughout the week as well.

Tyler said joining Outdoor Activities, students will be able to do things they did not think they would ever picture themselves doing.

“My life significantly changed when I climbed Mount Brighton,” Tyler said. “It pushed me out of my comfort zone and so out of what I was used to, but it made me feel invincible.”

Hadley said Badger Creek is a fun place to go. There are ropes courses students can try. Students go there with groups to do outdoor training as well.

“It’s off campus, so it’s nice to get away,” Hadley said.

Students can participate, lead or volunteer with Outdoor Activities, according to the BYU-I Outdoor Activities Web page.

Tyler said if students want to join and be a leader, there are a few qualifications. Students must be CPR certified and then get a permit to drive the vans owned by BYU-I.

“The school offers these classes so you can get certified in a matter of days,” Tilden said. “It’s very easy to get involved.”

Outdoor Activities has a variety of roles students can participate in.

Students leaders can be a manager, coordinator, student director or a student area director, according to the BYU-I Activities Web page.

Tilden said Outdoor Activities are usually spread by word of mouth, but if students go to the Activities website, they will find all the details of the activities.

For more information about renting equipment, students can go to the ORC Web page.