FIORELLA GUILLEN | Scroll Photography

FIORELLA GUILLEN | Scroll Photography

Brazilian Harvest Festival will take place at the Amphitheatre Quad from 5-8:30 p.m. on June 24.

Gustavo Iglezia, a freshman from Brazil studying communication, is organizing the party as an assignment for a class.

Iglezia said the festival is a cultural party that celebrates the time of harvesting crops.

Brazilians call it “Party of June” or “Saint John’s Party,” according to The Culture Trip, a website dedicated to global cultures and lifestyles.

Iglezia said the harvest festival is very important for Brazilians. It can be compared to Thanksgiving for Americans.

Liz Neuman, a fresman studying biology, said the party seems very interesting and she is very excited to go to it.

Neuman is helping Iglezia organize the Brazilian Harvest Festival.

“The event will have traditional music, games and songs,” Iglezia said. “People will have the opportunity to learn the dances too.”

Catholic saints from are celebrated at the festival. The main one is Saint John the Baptist, but also Saint Anthony and Saint Peter, according to The Culture Trip.

Iglezia said that although the festival has Catholic roots, the party is deeply related to Brazilian culture, so wards and stakes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil usually celebrate it too.

The party is celebrated throughout the month of June since harvesting happens in the end of May in Brazil. Its decorations, food and clothing resembles the environment of Brazilian farms, according to The Culture Trip.

Iglezia said people usually decorate for the festival with colored paper flags in a W shape and make a bonfire. The dances occur all around the bonfire.

One traditional dance is called the quadrilha. It is formed by couples who dance following the instructions of a leader. The dance has its origins in the elite ballrooms of England, Portugal and France, but it became popular when brought to Brazil, according to The Culture Trip.

“We are rehearsing a presentation of the quadrilha to present,” Iglezia said. “But we will also have an improvised version of it for people who want to dance.”

The harvest festival has its most significant events in the northeastern states of Brazil. This is because it is one of the first parts of the country where the Portuguese started to work when they settled in Brazil, according to The Culture Trip.

Typical food from this party is related to produce the Portuguese commonly cultivated in those states, according to The Culture Trip. There are many recipes based in corn and potato.

Iglezia said he and the organizers will provide some traditional food for people to taste.

“All the participants of the event wear plaid outfits and hay hats, and the girls wear braids,” Iglezia said. “Also, the colors in dresses and shirts are bright.”

Iglezia said that since it is a party with many references to farm life, people are welcome to wear cowboy hats and boots.

“We will have traditional games, such as trying to hit a ring in a stick, running in a potato sack, and fishing with fake paper fishes stuck in a sandbox,” Iglezia said.