Alex Boye performed in the BYU-Idaho John W. Hart Auditorium Friday, Sept. 25.

Boye said his goal for his performance was that everybody could leave the concert feeling better and happier than when they went in.

“For me, it’s not just about entertaining, but just trying to bring the Spirit and show people that you can feel the Spirit with dance music and fun music, as long as it’s positive,” Boye said.

Mututwa Loper, a freshman studying business management, said she was happy she attended the show.

“I was one of the people that just couldn’t sit down,” Loper said. “I was standing the whole time.”

Loper is from Zambia, Africa, and she said she appreciates the African elements that Boye adds to his music.

Allyssa Warner, a sophomore studying history, said she enjoyed the concert.

“It was really fun and just enthusiastic, and you just wanted to get up and dance,” Warner said.

Hannah Anderton, a sophomore studying teacher education, said she felt inspired by Boye’s performance.

“You just want to do something good afterwards,” Anderton said. “You’re on this spiritual, happy high.”

Hannah Kirby, a sophomore studying art, said she has attended multiple concerts before, including Imagine Dragons and One Direction, but feels that Boye’s show was the best one she has attended.

“I liked that all of his songs related to us in a personal way,” said Brooke Porter, a senior studying computer information technology. “We could all experience what he was trying to explain to us.”

Blake Loper, a senior studying sociology, said that many of the things Boye said left him reflecting on his own life experience and inspired him to be a better person.

Kylee Duce, a citizen of Rexburg, said she enjoyed the spiritual part of the concert as well.

“He talked a lot about Jesus and God, and I really liked that,” Duce said.

Kirby said she liked the way Boye interacted with the audience during  the show.

Throughout the concert, Boye explained to the audience the backstories behind his music.

“Alex got really personal with the audience,” said Ryan Baker, a freshman studying exercise physiology.

At one point in his performance, Boye told the audience how his experience being homeless at age 16 inspired his song, “Lemonade.”

Boye performed multiple inspirational songs and told the audience of their value as individuals.

Hunter Larson, an active member of the Navy on leave, said his favorite song Boye performed was “I Am Gold.”

“It just lets everybody know that they’re worth something, and I don’t know, I guess it made you feel good,” Larson said.

Ebizi Monibidor, a sophomore studying civil engineering, said he liked the way that Boye could dance and compared him to Michael Jackson.

Throughout his performance, Boye taught the audience lines to his songs and asked them to sing along with him.“It was just really fun and everybody participated,” Duce said.

At one point in the concert, Boye requested everybody participate by taking out their cell phones and posting a picture of the concert on social media using the hashtag #byuiboye at Boye’s request.

At one point, Boye brought members of his band down on to the floor and walked through the aisles, stopping to have some one-on-one time with fans.

During their time on the floor, Boye made multiple stops to sing with members of the audience and to sing “Happy Birthday” to a female in the audience.

“There was so much energy the whole time,” said Brooke Anderton, a freshman studying business management.

After the show, Boye met audience members in the lobby, signed autographs and took pictures with those who wanted to stay and meet him.

Lacie Palmer, a senior studying elementary education, said Boye was amazing, and she was excited to have been able to meet him.

“I loved it,” Palmer said. “This is my favorite person ever, so I was really excited.”