ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

Elder Daniel L. Johnson, a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, spoke to BYU-Idaho students concerning life-changing, eternal principles through lessons most members have already heard during the May 12 campus Devotional.

Elder Johnson invited students to pray to have the Spirit with them, and to know when they should be recognizing lessons they need to hear.

Action through seeking, knocking and asking was encouraged as Christ responds to those who respond to spiritual promptings.

After illustrating the story of Nephi, Lehi and the operations of the Liahona based on faith and diligence, Elder Johnson provided a question for the audience: “What was the Lord trying to teach them and us through the working of the Liahona?”

Elder Johnson continually stressed the importance of prayer and scripture study, coupled with a faithful and diligent attitude, by which all mankind can be the best students of spiritual learning.

Elder Johnson pressed on, elaborating on Lehi’s dream, the Iron Rod, and the three groups which Nephi saw. He invited the audience to decide for themselves which group they would be the most comfortable in: those who wander in the dark, those who cling to the Rod or those who do not hold on to the Rod with conviction.

In conclusion, Elder Johnson stressed the importance of daily prayer and scripture study in an effort to experience continual conversion by the Spirit.

He emphasized the foundational importance of the religious methods mentioned above, and the steadiness, personal revelation and focus on the Savior members will experience if they seek, knock and ask with faith and diligent hearts.