Three communication students saw a creative opportunity in the long lines of the testing center and recorded a mannequin challenge.

Sam Sargeant, a senior studying communication who is walking at graduation Friday, said the idea came to the group members separately and then they all came together to make it happen. He worked with Kyle Braby, a senior studying communication, and Kade Atwood, a freshman studying communication.

“It was kind of like, it came to us at separate times and then we all came together. And Kyle text me this morning he was like, ‘Hey dude, we should do the mannequin challenge at the testing center, and I was like ‘I thought about that in the shower, let’s do it,’ and so I went and talked to Kade and then, here we are.”

Braby said he had never seen lines like those during this finals week, so he thought they should jump on the opportunity.

Braby said some students even brought couches into the line with them.

Paige Pochop, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, was in line during one of their mannequin challenge segments.

Pochop said she thought it was a creative idea since everybody was there anyway.

“I had nothing else to do,” she said with a laugh.