Nathan Crane runs in the 50 lap relay held June 22. CALI BLODGETT | Scroll Photography

The annual 50-Lap Relay took place June 23 at the BYU-Idaho Stadium. Different wards had the opportunity to sign and the event was sponsored by local LDS wards.
The 50-Lap Relay is a team race where competitors are asked to run one or two laps each.
Women ran odd-numbered laps while men ran even-numbered laps.
This race is most often run by ward teams, and this year there was an alumni team.
“For me, doing this was a temporary ward calling, but I would have done it anyways because it’s fun and it brings the ward closer together,” said Spencer Furner, a senior studying health science.
Furner wore a Spiderman costume for the race. He said he was wearing it because it was fun and it kept the
team happy.
The annual 50-Lap Relay was started in 2003 and has been held every year since.
The race is a way for ward members to get to know each other to build ward unity and create lasting friendships.
“I am doing this race because I love my ward and they needed me. I even went and talked my roommate in to coming and doing the race with me,” said Madisen Reed, a freshman studying elementary education.
Teams continued to pass the baton from team member to team member for over an hour until the 31st Ward finished the race first place.
The 31st Ward won a pizza party for getting first place.
After the race, ice cream sandwiches were available for participants and audience members.
But the 50-Lap Relay is not just for the ward members who participate, but also for the individuals who come to watch and sport their team.
“I like seeing people I know in the race, and I’m here to sport them and the whole ward, even though I can’t run myself,” said Katherine Smith, a freshman studying art.
One of the major goals of the relay is to create unity among ward members and to promote exercise.
“The primary purpose of the Relay is to get people involved in a physical fitness activity, working together as a team toward a common goal.
According to the BYU-I website, one goal is to complete the relay with every team member having done his/her best.