The Disciple-Leader Conference is set to take place Saturday, Nov. 7 in the John Taylor Building from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

“The goal of the conference is to become leaders and disciples of Christ while learning more about how to lift others in any environment,” said Jacob Householder, student director of the Disciple-Leader Conference and a sophomore studying financial economics.

Householder said the BYU-Idaho campus is the perfect place to have the Disciple-Leader Conference because it is a dedicated campus.

“We have been planning this conference for a while,” Householder said. “It has been about seven to eight months of preparations.”

Householder said the conference teaches a lot about how to raise a family with a career, while understanding more about the doctrine of Christ.

Householder said Student Support has been working to make the event possible for students on campus to be able to improve their daily lives.

During the conference, there will be various speakers focusing on four different workshop themes the students in attendance will be able to choose from. The themes that will be presented are about the family, community, work and the Church.

Householder said President Clark G. Gilbert will be the keynote speaker during the conference. He said many other BYU-I faculty members on campus and stake presidents of the YSA wards will be presenting workshops for the students about the different themes.

“The speakers were prayerfully chosen so that they will connect to the students and help them to be able to have more of a change of heart,” Householder said.

Brandie Miguel, Student Support coordinator, said she has watched the council and the leaders build each other and teach one another about being disciple leaders.

“It is just a great reward to see,” Miguel said.

She said Student Support has worked hard to find the speakers and set up the many activities going on throughout the conference.

Householder said all BYU-I students are encouraged to attend at least one Disciple-Leader Conference before they graduate.

“I know that this can really give inspiration to people in the future and can make a change in the way people look at their lives by becoming a disciple leader,” Householder said.   

Registration for the conference is currently open. Tickets are $3 if purchased before the event and $5 at the door, according to the BYU-I Ticket Office Web Page. Lunch will be included with the conference, according to the Disciple-Leader Conference Web page.