One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Student Support makes sure students at BYU-Idaho have a chance to reclaim lost treasures and find new ones through the Lost and Found Sale.

The Lost and Found is located on the second floor of the Manwaring Center at the Information Desk and is available for students who have misplaced their items to recover them. When those items are not claimed after 60 days, they are put in the Lost and Found Sale, according to the BYU-I Lost and Found Web page.

“It’s a thrill to have all the students come together and have some fun finding a treasure,” said Michaela Chase, a senior studying child development.

Chase said the Lost and Found Sale is something she looks forward to each semester.

Sara Cross, a junior studying child development, is managing the sale this year. She has worked the Lost and Found Sale for four semesters.

“If there’s a name on an item, we always try and contact them multiple times,” Cross said. “We don’t really have room to store everything, so we figure that this sale is a way to give back to the students at a very discounted price.”

There will be an auction on Thursday from 1-2 p.m. in The Crossroads, and the sale will take place on Friday from noon to 2 p.m. in the MC special events room, according to the flyer available at the Information Desk.

Higher priced items, such as The North Face jackets and Nooks, are auctioned off, Cross said.

“You can purchase auction paddles for a dollar at the Information Desk,” Cross said. “If you show up to the auction and don’t see anything you like, you can keep the paddle for the next day to receive 30 percent off your purchase at the Lost and Found Sale. It’s almost worth buying just for the discount.”

Forrest Benedict, a junior studying electrical engineering, compared the sale to Black Friday.

“Despite the rush of people, it was well worth it,” Benedict said. “They have tables organized into rows in the middle and a circle of tables around the walls of the room. They have everything organized pretty well. They usually take a couple of handfuls of people at a time.”

Both Benedict and Cross said there is always an abundance of water bottles.

“At the sale you’ll find tons of things,” Cross said. “You’ll find like, 700 water bottles. It’s ridiculous. People, write your name and number on your water bottle because we would love for you to come and get them. Things like that: scriptures, coats, jackets, jewelry. Yeah, people lose everything.”

Cross said there are also great deals on TI-84 calculators and nice winter coats for 50-75 percent off.

Cross said she also recommends coming early to line up, since there is usually a line outside the MC special events room 30 minutes to an hour beforehand.

“You get really great deals on so many things,” Cross said. “I feel like the people who know about it are the ones who come every semester.”