iTalk will host an event Nov. 12 featuring three students discussing global topics on the BYU-Idaho campus.

“The society does this by giving students an opportunity to teach others what they are passionate about,” according to the iTalk Facebook page. “iTalk is a student event with a goal to create future experts and professionals.”

Katie Alley, vice president of iTalk and a senior studying communication, said iTalk gives students opportunities to learn more about different topics that might not be familiar to them.

“Because we all have our lingo in each major, our goal is to breakdown these walls between each major and department,” Alley said.

She said the speakers try not to be ambiguous with their information, so they describe their topic more in detail so the audience can understand.

Alley said the audience is encouraged to think of questions throughout the speech to ask the presenter afterward.

“There are questions after each speaker goes, and we open it up to the audience to ask them questions about their topic and anything else there is to know about their topic,” Alley said.

Alley said the Q&A session makes it possible for people to learn more about what is going on in each topic.

“iTalk helps students be able to connect with each other, even if they don’t come from the same area of their college studies,” Alley said.

One of the speakers will be BYU-I student Brian Fletcher, a senior  majoring in international studies. He said he will speak about poverty and how others throughout the world can help.

Fletcher said that he has traveled a lot, and he will be speaking about all the different places that he has traveled to.

“I meet people in these places, and I see the conditions that these people live in,” Fletcher said. “I started researching why this has happened. Poverty has been around since society began. Poverty has been a problem that people have been trying to fix. So this is my angle that I started researching. So when I heard about iTalk, I thought this would be a chance that I could be able to share                   my message.”

Alley said iTalk is a way for students to come together and learn about different subjects they are          passionate about.

Alley said when students teach others, it can be a fun and enlightening experience.

“I think that it is just a good experience to have to be able to hear speakers from a unique point of view,” Alley said.

Alley said the iTalk staff has made plans to continue this program in the future and to give these opportunities to the students on the BYU-I campus.

“So we do have long term goals and making it last and helping people benefit from it,” Alley said.

iTalk is $3 at the door to attend the forum.