Reporter: Zarina Leiva

Ten people were killed when a gunman opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College on Thursday.

“Its always scary to hear about school shootings and to think that it happens anywher. Fortunately, I haven’t heard of it happening anywhere around here, but to think that it could happen one day, that’s pretty scary.” Said Mitchell Mantor.

“It makes you really sad obviously to have those kinds of things happen and have people making those decisions,” said Tyler Tucker.

“It makes me feel sad that all these students can’t continue their education anymore, and I’m from Oregon, and so it’s pretty close to home, and I’d like to see these shootings stop,” said Amber Young.

“It’s really scary to hear about a shooting that can happen in the country that you are in, and it’s kind of close to home, and it’s the sort of thing that you hear about on the news. I’m from the UK so American school shootings are the kind of thing you hear on the news and it seems like a distant far off idea I guess,” said Charlotte Russell.

“As a student, I feel like especially here at BYU-Idaho, we don’t see as much of the violence of the world and we don’t see as much of the declining morals of the world, but we can always offer support. Just seeing the contrast between what is its like to be here at BYU-Idaho and what it is to see what it’s like in other places just helps me realize that we are really privileged to be in an institution like this,” said Hiro Chicavives.