This semester, BYU-Idaho students put together nine different IBC companies: Snaps, Wrapitos, Roam, Teton Point, Super Smash Balls, Sweet Life, Viking Rolls, Smothers and You’ve Got Candy that populated the campus to sell their products to the students of BYU-I.

Joseph Skinner, a junior studying business management, is one of the team members of Roam.

“It has been exciting and new,” Skinner said. “The main thing about business is just getting it done. The best businesses are all about getting out there and getting it done.”

Roam set a goal of a total revenue of $1,400 and has now surpassed this goal with a total revenue $5,200.

Adriana Pino, a senior studying business management, is a team member of Teton Point. She said she feels the IBC program is as hands on as a student at BYU-I can get to running their own company.

“You have to be very creative and have a lot of initiative,” Pino said. “You really have to jump on your business and get out there and get to work as fast as you can.”

Pino said she wishes her group would have gotten their products out to the public faster. She feels her group spent a lot of time on surveys and trying to calculate everything when she wanted to jump right into selling.

Teton Point set a goal for their company of a total revenue of $1,400 as well, and they have also been able to surpass their goal with a total revenue of $4,700.

Anthony Christensen, a senior studying business management, is part of Wrapitos. They are located outside the David O. McKay Library.

“I will take away a great work ethic from this experience,” Christensen said. “We don’t get paid at all for our time in the business, but you can take away a lot of dedication and creativity when you are passionate about the company.”

Christensen said he believes to have a successful IBC company, everyone on the team needs to be united and have good work ethic.

“It has been a really great learning experience,” Christensen said. “Doing a new start-up can be really difficult, especially when you haven’t done one before. We have really just been doing everything from scratch like advertising, marketing and finance.”

Wrapitos set a goal of a total revenue of $1,600 and have brought in $1,100 so far, but are still working toward their goal.

Parker Bodily, a junior studying sociology, worked with Viking Rolls.

“It’s a lot of work,” Bodily said. “You put in a lot of hours; the teacher gives you a lot of free reign on what you want to do and how you want to do it, but you work together with your team and try your best to come out with something amazing and market it to the students. It is really cool to see your company come to life.”

Bodily said he wished he would have talked to students who had already gone through the IBC program and found out what went well for them and what he could have used to make his company a little more successful.

Viking Rolls has been able to bring in a revenue of $1,000 and is working toward their goal of $1,600.

Josh Guthrie, a junior studying business management, is a member of Sweet Life .

“Sweet life has been a great experience to get our hands into something that we created,” Guthrie said. “We have learned from our successes just as much as we have from our failures, so it has been an awesome learning experience.”

Thus far, Sweet Life has brought in a revenue of $5,500 and are working toward their goal of a total revenue of $8,000.

Skye Perkins, a senior studying business management, works with Smothers.

“It has been really enlightening to actually go through the start-up experience to actually find out what customers want and finding ways to give that to the customer,” Perkins said.

Guthrie said all of the IBC group have expanded their sales by being featured at events such as Mountain Fest, Pond Skimming, stake dances and other events.

Revenue information for the IBC companies, Snaps, Smothers and Super Smash Balls was not available at this time. They are continuing sales.

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