Q: What did you think of the service?

A: I think it was interesting that his son referred to him as Elder Perry. If it was me, I would’ve been calling him dad the whole time.

Q: Is there something that impressed you most about the service?

A: I thought it was good how they focused on how Elder Perry is still working. He’s still doing all the things that he loves — serving the Lord — just not here. I thought that was very good that they pointed that out and pointed out how loving he was to everybody and how hard he worked.

Q: Has Elder Perry influenced you in a certain way?

A: I met him. He visited my mission when I was pretty fresh out. He gave his talk. Then we all went up and shook hands with him. When I shook hands with him, he said, ‘It’s good to see you, Elder Kennedy,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, he knows my name!’ I thought, “Well, of course, I have a name tag,” but it just felt special.

—Joseph Kennedy, Junior, Mechanical Engineering


Q: Has Elder Perry influenced your life in any certain way?

A: I remember before I left on my mission, he gave a talk. I can’t remember the name of it, but it really helped me prepare for my mission. I believe it was on just raising the bar and just stepping up to the challenge of being a missionary, and it really inspired me and helped me through my mission.

—Matt Matson, Junior, Exercise Physiology


Q: What did you think of the service?

A: I thought it was very touching. I loved what President Monson said about how even though his work here is done he still has more that he’s going to be doing in the next life. I loved that, and it’s just totally true. You’re still going to have people to teach and people to influence on the other side of the veil.

Q: Has Elder Perry influenced your life in any specific way?

A: I had a teacher at UVU who was not a member of the church, but she had a lot of family who was. … I remember this one time in class she was talking about — she had to go to the MTC for something — one of her relatives. She was there and Elder Perry just went up to her and started talking to her, and she said, ‘That man — if anything ever would make me join the Church, it would be L. Tom Perry. He just was so kind and just glowed and is just a very, very special person.’ … And that just kind of stuck with me.

—Mallory Sear, Vistor, LDS Business College


Q: What did you think of the service for Elder Perry?

A: I thought it was really neat. I loved how his son spoke and just all the amazing people who talked about how he’s bigger than life physically and personality-wise. I though it was really neat. And I loved watching how they put the flag on his casket afterwards because I think it shows how much respect and love he had for the country, and it kind of made me have respect and love for the country as well. Sometimes, I think there’s so much that goes on, and it just reminded me how great it is that we’re citizens of this amazing country.

Q: Is there a specific way Elder Perry has influenced you life?

A: After he passed away, I decided to go back and reread his last conference talk because I wanted to see what it talked about. I just love how much he talks so much about families and how families will bring you more eternal happiness than anything else. … I think that’s so important, and I think it’s neat that that’s what he focused on right before he passed away. I just think that’s amazing, and it just reminds me that our families are the most important thing and that we have to just cherish them while we can and look for happiness that way.

—Taylor Teeples, Visitor, BYU