Rexburg Scooter Squad

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

The Scooter Squad is a group of BYU-Idaho students who ride around Rexburg on Razor scooters trying to make the scooter popular again.

Ethan Carling, a sophomore studying communication, said he and his roommates enjoy riding around Rexburg on their scooters.

He said they decided to start a group for people who have scooters.

The group agreed they would call themselves the Scooter Squad.

Carling said he and two of his roommates started an Instagram account to create awareness for the squad and to post pictures and videos of their activities.

The squad has an open-invitation policy where anyone with a scooter can join their scooter squad and ride around Rexburg on scooters.

“There is no definite number attached to our squad,” Carling said. “Anyone that wants to hop on a scooter is technically in our squad.”

He said that as they post more pictures and videos of their scooter activities, more people are recognizing them around campus and wanting to join their group.

“We have gotten to know a lot of people through Instagram,” Carling said. “Random people will follow us on campus and ask for pictures. It has helped to open doors,”

Jordan Anderson, a sophomore studying exercise physiology and a co-founder of the Scooter Squad, said the best part of being in the squad is when they scooting around Rexburg and people yell ‘Scooter Squad’ as they drive by.

Anderson said that being part of the squad has added a new dimension to school and has allowed him to meet people that he would not have otherwise met.

He said that most of all, it is fun to be part of something original and that this aspect is rewarding in itself.

He said it’ is cool to be part of something that others know about. When he rides around on his scooter, people recognize him and know that he is part of the Scooter Squad.

Anderson said that being part of the Scooter Squad has allowed him to get involved and to be part of a unique group.

Curtis Parker, a freshman studying business management and a co-founder of the Scooter Squad, said that he is one of the main trick performers.

“The Instagram videos of the kid doing tail whips, that’s me,” Parker said.

Parker said that he finds confidence riding around campus on his scooter and having people notice him and ask him about the Scooter Squad and how they can join.

“It’s easy to go up and talk to people that have scooters,” Parker said. “As you talk to them about the Scooter Squad, they are super pumped and think it’s way cool.”

Carling said the Scooter Squad’s future is bright. Carling, Parker and Anderson plan to use their newfound fame to start a trend to make scooters popular again.

They plan to utilize their Instagram account by making announcements about activities going on around Rexburg and they plan to make shirts to help spread the word about the Scooter Squad.

The squad scoots around town every Sunday afternoon and anyone with a scooter can join.

If you would like to know more about the Scooter Squad, visit their Instagram page at Rexburg_Scootersquad.