Are you tired of the long winters in Rexburg, Idaho and need a reason to leave your apartment? Well don’t let the weather keep you from taking free kayaking lessons here on campus every Thursday evening. Drop by to see what students are learning as some prepare to take their first steps getting into a kayak.

“I have never done it before, nor done anything like it,” said Amy Linderman, a junior studying family consumer science. “I was really nervous about exiting out of the kayak but once I did it after two times, I felt really comfortable.”

If you’re like Amy, then coming and learning the basics may be just the place for you.

Instruction begins with teaching the group how to get into the kayak, how to put on the skirt and how to roll properly.

“Rolling is a useful skill if you plan on doing any water kayaking because it can save your life,” said Kate West, a junior studying recreation management.

For beginners, rolling can be a difficult skill to tackle but it is a great skill to have and less dangerous than escaping if you find yourself upside down.

“I think it is just realizing that there is a learning curve because it is not really a natural motion what you are doing especially being underwater,” said McKenna Petersen, a freshman studying geology.

Whenever you find yourself in need of help, there are usually three instructors available for one-on-one instruction. Along with the instructors, the activity is based on teamwork with students who are also looking to have a good time.

“You can do other things like play around, toss a ball or goof off,” said West.

This is a chance to meet new people and also learn the skills needed to participate in outdoor kayaking offered in the spring semester.

“It is kind of hard being away from your boat during the winter because it is something you love so much,” said Petersen.

Once getting your feet wet, it can be difficult not to stay.

“I’m probably going to come back every week now,” said Linderman.

If you’re one to learn and are looking for fun opportunities, then open pool kayak is the adventure for you.