Dating can be exciting, romantic and awkward. These tactics worked, but they may not always be a recommended method.

The Window Approach

Adam Manwaring, a junior studying business finance, said he once used a ghillie suit to ask a girl out. He bought the ghillie suit off the internet his freshman year.

“It’s camouflage for the military,” Manwaring said. “Snipers wear it.”

Manwaring said he would sometimes hide in bushes and scare people. One day he thought he would peak his head outside the dorm window of the girl he had a crush on.

“I was creeping there for a while until someone in the apartment noticed and freaked out,” Manwaring said.

Manwaring said he did it to get her attention, and it worked because she went on a date with him.

Zack Butler, a sophomore studying business finance, said he got Lauren Michaely’s phone number by yelling up to her window.

Butler said he was in the parking lot while she was in the third story window of The Ivy when he yelled up at the apartment.

Lauren Michaely, a sophomore studying business finance, said they exchanged numbers and noticed they had the same area code from northern Virginia.

“We had knew of each other before, but we had never officially met until that semester,” said Michaely.

Tyce Lee, a sophomore studying business management, said a girl threw a hot sauce packet with her number on it into his rolled down car window.

“It said, ‘if you want a hot date text this number,’ and I texted it,” Lee said.

Lee said it was random, but she ended up being cool.

The Serenade

Shelby King, a junior studying psychology, said she was sung to in the middle of the Crossroads. King said she didn’t know the guy.

“I saw him in-between classes and I said ‘hi’ because I saw him so much,” King said.

King said he didn’t sing an actual song, he sung asking her to go on a date with him.

“He was kneeling and singing, so I went on the date with him,” King said.

Makennah Lewis, a junior studying elementary education, said she was serenaded with a guitar on her porch.

“He was outside the window, walking back and forth with his guitar singing a song,” Lewis said, “Later that day he came with roses and asked me on a date.”

When asked Lewis said yes to going on a date.

The Food Tactic

Sydney Matheson, a sophomore studying psychology, said that a boy showed up at her door with food to ask her out.

Matheson said that she was at her Home Evening brother’s apartment when one of their friends told her they should hang out sometime. The next day he showed up at her apartment with food.

“He was at my back door holding meat and potatoes,” Matheson said.

Matheson said she let him in and they ate together.

Mikayla Mackey, a freshmen studying psychology, said a boy took a special interest in what she liked to eat as his tactic for asking her out.

Mackey said he asked her what kind of food she liked and she said she was a vegetarian. He then asked if she ate a lot of beans and she said she did.

Mackey said he then asked her if she farts a lot, after which he asked her out.

These techniques may be extreme, from hot sauce packets to ghillie suits, but in some way they worked for these students.