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Due to the recent rain in Rexburg, some students have been thinking of ideas for activities they can do in the rain.

Macy Smith, a freshman studying communication, said that because she grew up in Oregon, she spent a lot of time in the rain during her childhood.

She said that whether she was hiking or running, it was always freezing and she always got soaked, no matter what.

Smith said she enjoyed playing games in the rain.

Amanda Reaser, a sophomore studying exercise physiology who is also from Oregon, said when she was young, the creeks would fill up with water and she would play in them.

Reaser said she likes to go inside and warm up with blankets or take a hot shower when it rains.

Breanne Davis, a freshman majoring in general studies, said that when it rains, her favorite pastime is reading by a window to watch the storm or watching Netflix and baking cookies.

Smith said she always went swimming in her pool when it was raining and liked the feeling of swimming in a hot pool in the cold rain.

According to, one idea for an activity people can do when it is raining is to get artsy and make rain art using paper plates, food coloring and rain droplets.

Other possibilities for activities in the rain include mud painting, making chalk drawings on the pavement and creating land art with wet leaves, sticks and other natural items, according to the website.

“One time, we were doing a service project, and it was pouring down rain,” Smith said. “We had a tarp, and it was pouring, so we slid on the tarp like a slip and slide. We did that a lot and just froze.”

When playing in the rain, sticks, small pieces of wood and leaves all make great objects to float in the rain, according to

Smith said another thing students can do in the rain is play twister with paint on the mat while wearing white clothing.

She said everyone will get wet and colorful.

“It’s super crazy fun,” Smith said. “Especially with a date, with your friends, roommates or FHE brothers and sisters. It’d be slippery; that’s the challenge. That’s the point. You’ve got to challenge yourselves.”