BYU-Idaho is home to many artistically inclined students. Dancers, pianists, guitarists, and photographers are filled through out the campus. Three students share how art impacts their life. One student shares how dance has helped her through her college career.

“I’m able to take dance classes here on campus and it’s a great outlet for me and a great way to meet other people and it’s a great stress reliever,” said Chloe Pendleton.

These talents have also been a way for students to get out of their comfort zone.

 “I never sang in front of anyone except for my family and when I was forced to in choir auditions, I started getting a lot more comfortable with my voice,” says Megan Hoyt. “I went on my mission, probably like 9 months in, I was asked to sing in front of the entire mission and I had never sang a solo before and I was, like, terrified, but you can’t really say no to that stuff.”

Art can be expressed in other ways.

“I got into photography by just shear interest really. I wanted to get my own camera, see if I liked it. So senior year of high school came and I saved up and bought my own camera. I feel like the person itself can be their own form of art,” said Ryan Chase.