Shoppers wait in line at Times Square Toys-R-Us store. The store opened to the public at 8 p.m. Record sales were made Black Friday weekend. AP PHOTO

Several shopping centers are busiest during the holidays, and many stores try to promote popular holiday gifts through sales. One of these “blowout” sale days is called Black Friday.

Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving, typically beginning in the early hours of the morning, if not late Thursday night.

Several students who attended various stores on Black Friday were in line at midnight, ready to get their hands on discounted items.

“One time on Black Friday, it was almost midnight and I was at Urban Outfitters,” said Kelsey Rushton, a junior studying communication. “There was a mob of hipsters outside these tall weird black doors, and as soon as it turned midnight, all of the hipsters literally knocked down the doors, and it was out of control. I was just standing there in a sweaty mob of hipsters, and I couldn’t even attempt to get in.”

Thanksgiving is a time when many people gather with their families and take time to think about what they are grateful for in their lives.

But then, the day after Thanksgiving, many people participate in Black Friday.

“I went to Walmart … one year with my mom and stood in line all the way down the street,” said Phlatt McLean, a junior studying computer engineering. “We headed for the electronic aisle to get an Xbox game I had wanted, and suddenly a lady yelled at us, saying, ‘Hey, I’m coming for this, what are you doing?’ We gave her the item because our lives weren’t going to be over if we didn’t have it, but she ended not being able to get it, and we walked out of the store with it anyway.”

For some, Black Friday is a one-time experience, but for others it is a tradition.

“My aunt and uncle always come for Thanksgiving, and they don’t have a Fry’s Electronics where they live, but we do, and so every year they go early in the morning to Fry’s” said Alysa Orton, a freshman studying art. “My tradition is just to wait for them to come home and hear about all the stuff they got and all the money they spent. It’s obscene how much they love it.”

Some students can remember certain items they wanted that they got on sale during Black Friday.

“I can’t remember where I was shopping, but I remember I wanted this Billabong hoodie so bad,” said Mikelle Bradshaw, a sophomore studying graphic design. “Now that I think back to it, it was pretty ugly, but at the time I thought it was so cute and I got it for a cheaper price than it normally went for.”

Despite the sales and traditions, some think Black Friday is too much of a hassle.

“During Black Friday, there aren’t any rules,” McLean said. “It’s chaos.”