Animation so diverse and widespread whether it is from Mickey Mouse to Zelda or Totoro to Mike Wazowski. Watching Saturday morning’s cartoons are a common find for many childhoods. The love of cartoons and animation do not have to end with childhood however.

Even though BYU-Idaho does not offer an animation major, they do offer an animation workshop; it is a workshop where you can still learn the process and skills of animation.

The animation workshop meets weekly to learn animation techniques, improve student’s skills, and work on different animation projects as a group.

“We improve our talents as far as drawing and animating and story telling goes,” said Taylor Campbell, the head of the workshop and a sophomore studying English. She is also the head of the workshop.

They strive to help anyone that comes, regardless of what level he or she is at, to improve his or her knowledge and skills regarding animation.

“Normally, they’ll have a goal that they set for the semester, and they’ll take it, and they will use it throughout the semester, the skills that they’ve gathered, and create a project of some sort.,”  Said said Morgan King, the talent activities coordinator over the workshop and a sophomore studying communications. who is the talent activities coordinator over the animation workshop.

The workshop also works on a short film throughout the semester, said King.

“Last semester, they were working on storyboarding an animation,” King said. “The goal this semester is to actually create the animation.” said Morgan King.

This is almost entirely a student-run workshop, said Campbell.

They will still be learning about hand drawn animation, but this semester, they will be focusing a lot on computer animation as well, said King.

“The best part of it is just being with other people that have the same interests,” Campbell said. “People that are very creative individuals who have a passion for story telling, a passion for great characters, and a passion for cartoons in general.” said Taylor Campbell.

All skill levels are welcome to join, Campbell said.

“If you have no animating experience what so ever, don’t worry about it,” Campbell said. “We are here to teach one another.” Said Taylor Campbell.

Campbell said animation is a lot more than just Disney Movies now.

The workshop discusses things such as special effects, video games, story boarding and development, and other vital aspects f the entertainment industry, said Campbell.

“They are taking what they’re learning and putting it to good use,” said Morgan King.

The animation workshop can help with deciding which major to choose or which direction to take in life, said Campbell.

“Animation is a great central hub for a ton of different interests which branch out to a ton of different careers,” Campbell said. “If you’re not sure what you want to do, come to the animation workshop. Find out what aspect of that you like most and chances are we can help point you in a direction where you can learn more about that aspect.” Said Taylor Campbell.

The animation workshop meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Jacob Spori Building room 071, according to the BYU Idaho animation workshop’s  webpage. There is no cost for joining the workshop. The workshop is ready for anyone and everyone who would like to learn more about animation.

From learning how to cartoon or figure out just how those special effects in the Avengers were created, the animation workshop is the place to be.