The biggest winner held an event this past weekend called battleship. With 7 teams, fighting for the win.

Each team was given a bucket and a canoe. Last team to sink wins the round.

Justin Zonts, the program coordinator, talked a bit about the game of battelship. “So we start with four canoes and you have four people in each canoe, ah we have three bowls. So typically you have one person driving, and three people trying to get the other ones out.”

It was a tight match as team pink and team orange went into overtime, with team orange coming out on top

“It’s the best feeling in the whole world. It was awesome. We worked really good, we communicated, we were deadly. The only way they took us out the first time was because two teams teamed on us. We were undefeated before that, the only other team so it was fun. We had a person who was really good at balance, and a person who was really good at steering, one who was good at blocking and one who was good at putting the water in the other boat,” said Aubree Wydner, from team orange.

Zonts also talked about how the biggest winner is more than just losing weight.

“What we want people to know is that there is a way for people who have been struggling with their weight, theres a campus program that’s going to help people to change their lifestyles. All of our trainers, we train them to accommodate different types of people. So I just want people to know its not an intimidating program, we want to see people change their lives.”

The Biggest winner is a great way to get in shape and it does happen every semester. From the Hart this is Emily Sloan, scroll digital.