When it comes to registering for classes, students have requirements to fulfill but also have an opportunity to participate in fun classes such as archery.

Archery is one of the hottest classes on campus and fills up fast.

Camie Kubie, an adjunct professor at BYU-Idaho, said this is because the class is fun.

“A lot of people need it for a requirement, but honestly it’s just a fun class to get a credit and distress and have fun, and it’s a really fun skill to have,” Kubie said.

Danica Aguilar, a freshman studting nursing, said that archery is a great way to have fun and relieve stress.

“The main reason I would say is it’s fun and enjoyable and it’s a novelty, said James Richey, a senior studying exercise physiology. “A lot of people require it for their majors, but it’s really just a novelty and now they have heard about it and get to try it.”

Archery fulfills many requirements for students in there studies. It also allows them to explore something different, unique and entertaining.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Richey said. “If you really do want to get into it, I say just go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try, and those who you work with are going to make sure nothing happens to you, and its’ a lot of fun, and you won’t get hurt.”

Richey said he was originally taking 16 credits and his schedule felt hectic ,so his friend suggested that he take a class that is fun and takes away stress. That is what led him to archery.

“Even people with learning disabilities or special education, it can be really helpful to have something to focus on but it’s also very therapeutic and stress relieving,” Kubie said.

So when looking for classes, try something new, learn a new skill and sign up for archery.