President Clark G. Gilbert opened the Feb. 16 devotional with a reminder of the students’ commitment to live the Honor Code.

“These are not an arbitrary set of rules,” President Gilbert said. “They are a part of what makes BYU-Idaho so distinctive, and it’s an opportunity for each of us to show the Lord our love for him and our gratitude for the remarkable opportunity it is to be a part of this university.”

President Gilbert then invited the students of BYU-I to think about their commitment to the Honor Code. He also asked students to think of what they can change in their lives to live the Honor Code more fully.

Brittany Shipp, a faculty member in the human resources department, spoke on agency and the ability to choose.

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“‘Choose ye’ indicates that you are the agent of options, and ‘this day’ indicates the present nature of time,” Shipp said.

Shipp described three times in her life when she chose to follow the Lord. Those experiences were her baptism, the day she received her endowments and when she was sealed to her eternal companion.

“I was not forced to make any of these choices,” Shipp said. “In fact, on our wedding day, I remember thinking before going to the sealing room, ‘I could say no.’ That idea quickly left as I thought of all the reasons why I would say yes, but it was my choice.”

Shipp shared her testimony that she knows the Lord upholds his children’s plans as long as they exercise their agency in a righteous way.

“So my dear friends, choose ye this day, for the power is in you,” Shipp said.