Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities, spoke with the student body about how the Lord can guide us through questions, during the Tuesday, July 14, weekly Devotional.

Sister Eubank explained that throughout the day the Lord can prompt us with new questions that, if pondered on, can bring new knowledge into our lives. Because of their pondering nature she calls them ‘sticky questions’.

Throughout her life Sister Eubank said she has had three questions that have had a significant impact on her and explained that she hoped these questions could influence the audience as well.  They are:

1) What do I personally do to express joy? (She explains that expressing joy is something that we create to better our life and the lives of those around us.)

2) How long will you wait upon the Lord?

3) How am I different since I encountered the Son of God?

After sharing a number of personal experiences Sister Eubank said when we encounter Jesus Christ, He usually asked the same question that He asked Andrwe and John when they followed Him along the sea shore. “What seek yet?”

Sister Eubank asked the audience what they want.

“In your deepest heart at the longing of your soul, the thing that you never tell anyone because it sounds too lofty or unreachable or ridiculously small,” Sister Eubank said. “What do you want?”

She said she creates some of those desires and for the others, she will wait upon the Lord.

“Learning through questions is available to everyone,” she said. “The questions that will guide you are everywhere.”

In closing Eubank challenged everyone to write down the words “What will I do now that I have encountered the Son of God” and place them somewhere they can been seen everyday.

“Whatever you think of, make it an action and not just a thought,” Sister Eubank said.

To listen to the entire devotional talk click here.