HAILEY THOMAS | Photo Illustration

HAILEY THOMAS | Photo Illustration

The Department of Home and Family offers Family Relations, a one-on-one experience where students can address their family-related needs and concerns with practicum students who are studying marriage and family, according to the Department of Home and Family Web page.

The practicum students will be working directly with students via Skype and will be able to provide personal, free and specific family life education.

“Having this program through Skype and not having to go to a building to meet makes the whole experience more convenient and useful,” said Ashley Shull, a sophomore majoring in general studies.

When beginning the program, students start by answering a questionnaire where they mark their age, marital status and whether or not they are a parent. They will also be able to mark the topics they would like to cover in the sessions.

Once the questionnaire is completed, students receive an email where they then can connect with the practicum students, according to the Family Relations Web page. During the first meeting, the objective is to set goals and for the practicum student to understand the student’s interest.

After the first meeting, students are then assigned to four more sessions, according to the Family Relations Web page.

Topics that can be covered in these sessions can include preparing for marriage, how to have a successful marriage, parenting, family finances, relationships between family members and how to manage stressful family challenges, according to the Family Relations Web page.

“Through this program, I would probably want to discuss how to keep a stable marriage and how to communicate properly,” Shull said. “I want my husband and myself to be able to understand what each of us wants and to know each other’s wants and needs to have a strong marriage.”

The family life education program is structured in relation to the BYU-Idaho Learning Model, according to the Family Relations Web page. The Department of Home and Family’s mission is to promote and teach every element of healthy homes and families, according to the department Web page. The central aims are to prepare students for employment, for further education and to be good mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. The department wants to create an environment where the Spirit will be invited into learning ways on how to strengthen the family.

Faculty in the Department of Home and Family supervise the students who provide the educational services.

“I feel that I would want to participate in these sessions because I have no experience on how to have a healthy marriage,” said Stuart Stein, a freshman majoring in general studies. “I want to be able to get advice from those who know what they are talking about.”

Emily Deimler, a freshman studying elementary education, said students might not know what to do when coming up with ideas for affordable and fun dates.

“I think getting advice on date ideas and knowing how to ask people on dates would really help,” Deimler said.

The purpose of the program is to have an exchange where both the students and the teachers are learning from one another, according to the Family Relations Web page.