YSABEL GEURTS | Scroll Photography

Brian Pyper, a professor in the Physics Department, spoke during the weekly devotional on Sept. 29 on the importance of noticing God’s divine signatures and patterns in our lives.

He began his talk by quoting Alma 30: 40-41.

He emphasized the point of the scripture by saying that everything in this world points back to the existence of God.

Throughout his talk, Pyper illustrated his point through stories from his own life.

He spoke about his experience with video games and how video games have hidden features, called Easter eggs, within them that can only be found if the gamer is looking for them.

“The Easter eggs are like the signatures of God’s handiwork in our own lives that he waits for us to find,” Pyper said.

He then spoke about taking his son to the MTC in Provo and how hard it was for him to leave his son.

“I knew what he would be going through,” Pyper said. “I knew he needed to experience that.”

He concluded his talk by saying that all of the patterns and divine signatures he saw and experienced in his life prepared him for the future.

“As I looked back on my life, I can see where God was preparing me for what was ahead,” Pyper said.

He ended by urging students and faculty members to see the handiwork and patterns of God in their lives.