Brother Brian Howard, a professor in the Department of Communication at BYU-Idaho, gave the Devotional address, Tuesday, July 28, 2015.

His talk opened by remarking on how marvelous methods of communication are and how they have changed over the course of history. Brother Howard related the increasing development of communication technology to a sign of the times, as the Lord is hastening His work.

“The First Vision wasn’t only in the beginning of the Restoration of Christ’s Church on the earth, after a long period of apostasy, it was also the beginning of a resurgence in secular knowledge inspired by Heaven,” Brother Howard said as he focused on using media and technology to hasten the Lord’s work.

He continued by saying how something within the Church has changed: all of the gospel resources that were once difficult to share have become easily accessible and can be spread throughout the world with amazing ease. Brother Howard provided a unique list of ways to share the gospel:

  • Share videos published by
  • Confide in Sharing the Gospel Online by
  • Read 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online by Larry Richman

Brother Howard advised the audience to be aware that we are not mouthpieces for the Church, but that we should be sharing messages that align with the Church’s standards and values.

In conclusion, Brother Howard encouraged the audience to learn from the past, how the Restoration provided the technological advancements; to anticipate the future and the advancements to come, and to live in the present, by using our time wisely on social media and to be aware of those who need our help.