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Mike Sessions, a teacher in the Design and Construction Management department, spoke at the May 5 Devotional about keeping our spiritual lives clean.

Sessions started his talk by retelling an experience he and his father shared when he was 16-years-old.

He said after painting for some time in the hot weather, his father went inside to get a drink of water.

While in the kitchen his father found a large rattle snake curled up the in corner of the room. The snake made its way into the house through the door the family kept open for the dogs. After a few attempts, Sessions and his father were able to successfully get the snake out of the house.

Sessions relates this experience to our spiritual lives.

“If we leave the wrong door open and the snake of sin enters our life, then we make ourselves a place where the Spirit cannot dwell, where Jesus cannot come,” Sessions said.

Sessions said Jesus is always at the front door knocking for us to let Him in.

“But sometimes we cannot hear Him because we are dealing with a snake in our dining room,” Sessions said.

From this experience Sessions taught the audience that we must always keep our doors shut from sin at all times.

He later related a story concerning his son who had returned injured from overseas while serving with the military. His son was in extreme pain, and the doctors were not having any success lessening it.

After the doctors left the room to consult with one another on what to do next, Sessions’ son turned to him and asked him for a priesthood blessing.

“The time for preparation was past,” Sessions recounts. “There was no time to fast, or repent, or get a snake out of my dining room…now was the time.”

After administering the blessing, his son was instantly able to relax.

Sessions concluded his talk by reminding the audience of four things they can do to keep sin out of our lives and always be ready.

  • Read your scriptures to hear the voice of the Lord
  • Say your prayers to open the door
  • Be obedient to keep your house clean
  • Serve one another and He will sup with you