As part of a recent White House initiative, Sugar-Salem High School will participate in National College Signing Day on April 26.

“College Signing Day … aims to shine the spotlight on high school seniors who have made plans to go to college,” according to a press release from the State of Idaho Board of Education.

The initiative is meant to mimic the media attention given to high school athletes when they commit to sports contracts with colleges or universities, according to the press release.

“Students committing to go to college for primarily academic reasons are often not equally acknowledged,” according to the press release.

There will be an open-table event with photo opportunities at lunch.

The event is coordinated by the school’s Near Peer College Mentors, according to the press release.

“The Near Peer program pairs trained recent college graduates with college and career services staff in targeted high schools in an attempt to improve college attendance rates,” according to the press release.

The event can be followed on social media with the hashtags #CollegeSigningDay and #ReachHigher.