The seven week break is here, and most students at BYU-Idaho headed home, but there are a few who stayed. They may be wondering, “What is there to do in Rexburg?”

Jackie Rawlins, the Director of Culture and Arts in Rexburg, has several events planned for Rexburg over the summer.

She said that for the weekend of the eclipse, there will be several events: a storytelling, an arts festival and some concerts.

Rawlins said the storytelling is much different than reading a book.

“This is not storybook reading type of thing, the closest thing I can compare it to is stand up comedy,” Rawlins said. “They take a story and they weave it in and out, and take you on a ride!”

There will be four national storytellers showing up for the event.

She said the same weekend will be the arts festival, where artists from all over the region can show off and sell their work.

Rawlins said the Monday of the eclipse, August 21, a country artist will be performing at Porter Park, and then later in the evening, there will be two illusionists performing at the Romance Theater.

Euleza Hymas, the faculty advisor for social activities at BYU-I said activities at BYU-I will happen when students want them to happen.

Hymas said that if a student has an idea for something they would like to do over the summer, they can come to the Student Activities Center in the MC 101 and volunteer to be a manager for the event.

Shae Eaton, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies, said she wants to keep country dancing going.

Hymas said the day country dancing will happen has not been decided yet.

“Just ‘cuz when I first came here, I started country dancing and I was really bummed when summer came and I thought it was canceled,” Eaton said.

Hymas said in the past they have also done a classic movie night outside over the summer.

Shane Wright, the vice chair for the Madison County fair grounds, said the Madison County fairground has several events planned for the summer. Every Monday night, there is barrel racing. Wednesday night, a local group comes and performs, and Thursday there is team roping. All events are free.

Wright said that the Madison County fair will happen from August 8 to August 12. There will be several events throughout the week and Friday will be an open rodeo with contestants coming in from around the state. The rodeo on Friday will be $10 for adults and $6 for students.

“There are so many activities you can do in Rexburg, so many,” Eaton said.