Madison Library’s summer programs have commenced for readers of all ages.

“We’re ready for summer reading,” said Valerie Lloyd, director of Madison Library. “We’ve got programs that are covering youth to adults, (and) children all the way up.”

Sign-ups began Monday and will be open throughout the summer months at Madison Library District, 73N. Center St., according to the Madison Library website.

“The nice thing is that it’s not just for kids,” said Emily Parry, a page at Madison Library. “We have it for pretty much all ages.”

Parry said more activities than reading, such as riding a bike or going to a zoo, may be included in these programs.

“It’s really nice,” Parry said. “It’s more like summer reading slash summer activities which I really love, ‘cause sometimes I don’t quite make it, so I can just go do extra activities.”

Parry said only about half of the people that signed up for the summer 2015 programs completely finished them.

“A lot of people sign up, a lot of people come you know, especially the kids,” said Parry.

Parry said the children get a reward for every goal they accomplish.

“I’ve only been here for one summer reading program but I think they do it every year,” said Parry. “It’s really nice.”

“A family that reads together, stays together,” said Vivian Milius, head of the summer reading programs at Madison Library. “That’s what happened with my family. We read a lot and we had a lot of fun with our reading aloud and it gave us lots of opportunity to chat, visit (and) have discussions about things in a non-threatening kind of way.”

Milius said programs include Story Time and Crafts for children, Baby Time for infants, family friendly films on Tuesday nights and programs encouraging children to read during the summer. She said these programs are fun for her and the kids.

“They can do this at their own pace,” said Milius.

Milius said the various age groups each have different coupons or prizes for reading progress such as a carousel pass, candy, or coupons to local Rexburg businesses.