HAILEY THOMAS| Scroll Photography

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

Something is coming to the corner of Viking Drive in Rexburg, and the official unveiling will be Friday, July 17, according to Keri Rich, the General Manager of the new company.

Rich said she and the rest of the staff are keeping what’s coming top secret, but that the unveiling will make sure that the anticipation for what will replace Shake Out will live up to the hype.

“It’s going to be nothing like Shake Out” Rich said. “Because Shake Out is technically a franchise, we couldn’t use that name anymore, so we really are creating something completely new here. We’re going to have a huge block party on Friday and then we’ll take off the cover and everyone will finally get to come inside and see what we’ve all been collaborating on.”

Shake Out, the restaurant that was once located on Viking Drive, was bought the first of May. Rich said that since then, a team of students has been working to make sure what’s coming satisfies the local student body’s interests.

“Everyone except the owner is a student at BYU-I, so it’s 100% student run,” Rich said. “We have complete creative control of everything, all of the finances and payroll and the construction and what goes inside.”

Rich said students who have been hired to collaborate on the new project were all brought together because of their skillsets.

“We have business majors, construction management majors, finance majors, and it’s been really cool to be able to come together and collaborate with the community and with each other” Rich said.

Although students will have to wait until Friday to finally see what’s under the tarp, Rich said the wait will be worth it.

“It’s coming and it’s going to be awesome” Rich said.