BYU-Idaho’s IBC company, Sweet Life, is bringing gourmet treats to the campus of BYU-I in hopes to make the university sweeter, one treat at a time.

“Sweet Life Inc. is an IBC company with one purpose: Chocolate. We sell several chocolate-themed desserts and treats. We have everything from Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies to Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries,” according to the IBC company Web page.

Michael Walk, a junior studying business management, is one of 17 team members of the IBC group Sweet Life.

“We have a kinds of assorted sweets such as, pretzel sticks, Oreos dipped in chocolate, cake pops, homemade cookies,” Walk said. “Our goal is to make life sweeter one treat at a time.”

Walk said Sweet Life is on campus Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. He said a lot of there advertisements say they are in the Thomas E. Ricks Building, but most students will find them outside the John L. Clarke Building near the David O. Mckay Library.

“I feel like BYU-I students have received our company pretty well. Everyone enjoys a good treat, and I developed a lot of the recipes myself, so it is always nice to see students enjoying the treats,” said Walk.

Johnathan Wong, a senior studying business management, is another team member of the Sweet Life team.

“Over all working at Sweet Life has been a little grueling,” Wong said. “Working in the kitchen is really hard, and most of the time we are selling our treats outside, and it’s really cold and winding, which is not very fun.”

Wong said he wishes that Sweet Life would have done better at making their company more advertised so that students would know where they are on campus. He said they are using different types of advertising such as posters, Web pages and reward cards for returning customers, but he feels Sweet Life should do more.

Jessica Perron, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies, said she loves seeing the team members of Sweet Life outside working hard. She said it shows her as a customer that they are dedicated.

“No girl can really say no to chocolate or treats in any form,” Perron said. “Chocolate strawberries are my personal favorite, but they really have a great variety of treats.”

For more information about Sweet Life, email the company at