Michelle Anderson, a senior studying elementary education, swam in the Junior Olympics, which were held in an indoor aquatic center in Maryland.

“My favorite part about swimming in Junior Olympics was seeing all my hard work from practices pay off,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she has been swimming since 1998, and she swam on a team named “York” that would practice multiple times a week.

“I swam in one event, the 100 meter backstroke,” Anderson said. “The backstroke was always my favorite and best stroke.”

Anderson said she had an unfortunate event happen before the event to prevent her from performing at her highest level.

“I fell ice skating and got stitches a week before swimming in the Olympics and was so worried about the waterproof band aid, I put tape on it, and it caused me to do horrible in my event,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she had support from her family, no matter what.

“My sister did swim with me,” Anderson said. “It was always nice having someone from the family swimming as well to cheer me on.”

Since then, Anderson married her husband, Craig Anderson.

“I wish I could have known Michelle when she was swimming because, from hearing all the stories, I can tell how much it meant to her and how much she misses it,” said Craig Anderson, a senior studying computer information technology.

Anderson said she has not spent much time in the water since her Olympic experience.

“I swim once every few months,” Michelle Anderson said. “Not as much as I would like, but getting to the pool and having someone to swim with isn’t as convenient. I miss swimming a lot.”