Every Thursday afternoon the competitive sports swim team coaches meet to discuss the needs of the program.  Coaches on campus work hard and enjoy swimming.  Joshua Miller likes coaching.  “You learn how to motivate others especially the participants, it’s a great way to get to know people and to experience leadership ability.”

There are 4 competitive swimming teams on campus with each team having about 20 players.  Theses players compete in swimming strokes like the back stroke, free style, breast stroke and butterfly.  Competition isn’t the only motivation for some swimmers “You meet cool people and I make a lot of friends and it’s just the unity and the friendships that I make because of the sports program.  And like I’m pretty sure I will be friends with these people for a long long time.  That’s probably my absolute favorite part about it.”

Speaking with these coaches I know that they have a passion for swimming and they take seriously the role they provide for other students.  The culminating experience at the end of every sports season, the championship is on March 23rd, “It’s in the pool and everything echos and it’s a very fun atmosphere to come and cheer on everyone.

Reporting from the Hart pool Randy Homer, Scroll Digital.