Dating and marriage is a trendy topic on BYU-Idaho campus, both in conversation and action. A popular method for students to meet at BYU-Idaho is through online dating. Tinder, a phone app used among college students, is one of those tools used to find a date. Some students have  even been lucky enough to find their spouse.

“I didn’t think anything serious would come out of Tinder,” said Kaylonnie Blumenburg, a senior studying child development.

“Yeah I didn’t think I was going to get married or be one of those people that say ‘yeah I met my wife on Tinder,’” said Nate Blumenberg, a senior studying marriage and family studies.   

Nate and Kaylonnie Blumenberg are one of those BYU-Idaho Tinder success stories. Both served missions for the the church and got back in 2013. Nate served in Pocatello, Idaho while Kaylonnie served in Brazil.

Now home from their missions, they swiped right last year while they were attending school, and have now been married for 10 months.

According to Tinder’s official website, the “top 4 most right-swiped males attend a religiously affiliated university” (“Most Swiped Right Schools,” 2015).  The question is, why are students at religious universities like BYU using Tinder more than other universities?

“I think Tinder the app is more popular on religious campuses because we trust in each other more,” said Johnny Cook, a freshman studying geology.

While finding others students who share similar standards and beliefs is important to many students at BYU-Idaho, some people believe that Tinder is only used because it is entertaining.

“It will make it easier for people to meet other people and because it’s entertaining,” said Briana Inestroza, a sophomore studying nursing.

On a college campus, apps such as Tinder are a fun way to socialize and pass the time with friends.

“Tinder sometimes can be one of those fun things that you just do with your roommates when you’re hanging out. Like looking at cute guys. And so I think because we live in a college culture and with apartments with several people in them, sometimes it’s just a fun hobby to look at pictures on Tinder,” said Kaylonnie Blumenberg.

But there are more ways to find dates than just online.

“You go to a large school that you don’t necessarily need Tinder, I think it could be used, but there’s still got to be caution. I think there are other ways to do it than the online dating and the sense of swiping right,” said Nate Blumenburg.

Many students meet at campus events, in classes, and even their student wards. But it’s not how you meet that matters most, it’s what’s done in the relationship that follows.

“Within days, our roommates were telling us that we were going to get married. I think we kinda knew too, but we needed the time to get to know each other,” said Kaylonnie.

Overall, online dating can be an effective way to meet people, but it may not be an effective long-term dating tool. What is most important, is what happens after the couple swipes right.