BYU-Idaho students are known for having no fear, but here at The Zone in Rexburg, Idaho they are testing that to the limit as they are combing archery and tag, for Tag Archery.

“Well my husband wanted to surprise me with a day date and he looked online, so this is how we found It,” said BYU-Idaho student Jackie Hall.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s like paintballing but cheaper and it doesn’t hurt as bad. …so the girls will come,” said BYU-Idaho student Austin Johnson.

“Archery Tag is a mixture between archery, dodge ball and paintball without the paint,” said owner of The Zone, Chris Bundy.

Archery Tag has the perfect recipe for success. Combine different sports together, add in a little cardio, and sprinkle in some strategy, and you can see why this sport is going to be successful.

“I think there is defiantly a strategy to everything. You have to work at it and can’t hide behind it, you have to go out there and try,” said BYU-Idaho student Bethany Wiggins.

“We started looking for other avenues of ways where we can offer more to the community as well as the college students,” said Bundy.

“It’s a lot more cardio than I thought, and a lot more fun than I thought it would be as well,” said BYU-Idaho student Greg Hall.

“With this archery tag we have seen an increase in business through the college students. It’s something that we can offer to them. It’s something more of their pace and what they are into. It’s fun, they can hit each other in a safe environment,” said Bundy.

So if you’re looking for fun and adventure head on down to the zone here in Rexburg, Idaho, but just remember don’t get hit by the arrows.