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Soccer Teaches unity before success

Soccer intramurals season started May 5 and went until June 25. Playoffs will begin July 2. Intramural soccer has three divisions: beginner, intermediate and competitive, according to the IMleagues website.      There are 18 teams in the beginner league, with one undefeated team, “Caucasian Invasion,” which has six wins and zero losses, according to IMleagues. In…


The Spread: Night

The sun is out later now, and so are we. Being able to record adventures is crucial during a late summer night, and using a flash isn’t always an option. For photographers with manual shutter speeds, flash isn’t always an option. For photographers with manual shutter speeds, flash isn’t even a concern. The simple trick of…

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Students provide automotive repair

The BYU-Idaho Automotive Technology Program offers automotive repair for students, faculty and members of the community. “These students doing the repairs are automotive engineering technology students,” said Justin Miller, faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “Most of these students are not just here to learn how to fix cars. Many of these students…


IBC group serves beef, cheese, onions

Philly Up is one of the IBC groups on campus this semester. Philly Up sells cheesesteaks, a traditional sandwich from Philadelphia. A cheesesteak is a roll filled with beef and melted cheese, according to the Visit Philadelphia website. Other toppings include fried onions and hot or sweet peppers. Lauren Sorenson, a senior studying business management,…


Church releases new 2015 Institute manual

The new 2015 institute manual, Foundations of the Restoration, has been released to cover the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including sensitive topics related to church history. Some of those topics include different accounts of the First Vision, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Utah War, plural marriage and the racial priesthood ban, according to LDSLiving….

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