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Learning to make lemonade: from sour to sweet

The Queen B, Beyoncé, recently released her new album Lemonade. Allegations have been swirling around whether the lyrics confirm rumors of Jay Z’s infidelity, according to CNN. In the hour-long music video aired by HBO, Beyoncé more than hints at her anger through imagery, using fire, a flowing yellow dress and a baseball bat to…


Life changes happen, roll with it

In life, things are always changing. Some people love change. Some people hate it. But, like the wind in Rexburg, no matter how you feel about it, it is always going to be there. So the best thing to do is learn how to make changes work for you and not against you. Now, at…


Honoring the new face of the $20 bill

As announced on April 20, the American $20 bill will have a new face: Harriet Tubman. Just like every other publicly-schooled American, I learned about Harriet Tubman and her work in freeing slaves during the Civil War. I found her inspiring, and I think I once wrote a paper in the fifth grade about why…

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