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The office that schedules campus

BYU-Idaho’s Scheduling Office, located in Manwaring Center 191, offers students and faculty the chance to schedule study and conference rooms on campus. LaNae Poulter, Scheduling Office manager, said there are 46 study and conference rooms available for students and faculty to use on a daily basis. “Everything has to be scheduled,” Poulter said. “Without scheduling,…


Your cellphone has more bacteria than you think

Little do many people know, one of the things that carries the most germs is that little device in your pocket. That’s right, your cellphone. “It’s kind of disgusting to think about and makes me want to go clean my cellphone,” said Ashlynn Howard, a sophomore studying psychology. Cellphones can collect germs in simple ways that many…

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Power to Become Conference inspires

Story by Haley Romney and Kelsi McCabe. Friday, Feb. 5, the Alumni Association hosted the third Power to Become Conference, where students, faculty and the community were taught to discover their passion, network effectively and tell their story by both BYU and BYU-Idaho alumni. The night started with a Twitter bomb, where the audience tweeted…

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Honor Code encourages discipleship

*Editor’s note: this article was written by Jessica Potter. To be admitted to BYU-Idaho, every student must agree to live and follow the Honor Code, and students have many thoughts on the issue. The Honor Code is signed when students are first enrolled in the school and every year after with their bishops in an…

President Gilbert reflects one year after call

President Gilbert reflects one year after call

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, seemed like it was going to be another great day at BYU-Idaho, in the words of President Kim B. Clark, 15th president of BYU-I. Students were going to attend devotional, where President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be speaking. However, President Nelson had a surprise…

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Family happiness emphasized in devotional

President Clark G. and Sister Christine Gilbert gave the opening devotional of Winter Semester 2016. They discussed finding happiness in marriage and in raising a family. “Since our call to BYU-Idaho, emphasizing the family has been a priority in our ministry with the students,” Sister Gilbert said. President and Sister Gilbert said they wanted the…

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Learning Model encourages excellence at BYU-I

The BYU-Idaho Learning Model was created to facilitate greater learning and make students responsible for their own education, according to the Learning Model Web page. There are three steps to the Learning Model that students and faculty are expected to use: prepare, teach one another and ponder and prove, according to the Learning Model Overview….

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