Written by Breanne Gibb. 

Most people leave or plan on leaving college with an academic degree and not with a record deal. Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Queen, R.E.M. and The Strokes are a few of the top 10 bands that formed and got their start during their college days, according to Billboard website.I-Cover

I-Cover is an annual event on the BYU-Idaho campus that gives students a taste of what it feels like to perform as a professional music artist. Fourteen different bands were showcased at this winter showing, each performing a cover of a popular song in a rock concert setting.

“I Cover gives students the opportunity to perform and share their talents with everyone and to be a rock star for like, five minutes on stage,” said Nicholas Ruiz, a junior studying communication and one of the managers of the show.

The bands performed were #Duckchasers, Shave the Whales, Someone Shot MoJo, The Inklings, The Ladybug Picnic, All Strings Attached, Stefunky and the Monkiez, Noisy Neighbors, Yeti Hola, Semi Relevant, Flydown, The Locals and Pajamin. Whether they were all wearing onesie pajamas, suits and ties, a dog costume, doing back flips or all playing the cello, each band could be distiguished in one paticular way or another.

I-CoverBaden Ballard, a junior studying business management, played the piano and sang with the band The Locals. He said they all dressed up as Native American Indians for their performance on stage. Baden and his bandmates painted their faces and wore ties around their heads for the Indian theme.Their band played the song, Ha Coracao by The National Parks and featured a violin, trumpet, piano, guitar and vocals.

“The Locals has been going on for a while, and people just rotate in and out,” Ballard said. “If people graduate, then we find someone else to fill the spot.”

He said this is his second semester playing with the band, but there are some people who have been with it for three to four years now.

Ruiz said the show was successful this year and about 900 people filled the gym and stands in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

Isabelle Sherman, a freshman studying psychology said she and her friends squeezed their way to the front of the crowd and enjoyed the concert right along the stage with all the bands. She said the show was very entertaining and it was even better being so close to everything.

“The theme was, one step closer,” Ruiz said. “I thought about it, and the reason being is because it’s one step closer to your dreams, it’s one step closer to reaching that potential that us as children of our Heavenly Father have.”

Any BYU-I student who has a desire to share their musical talents and a chance to rock on stage with a crowd can audition for I-Cover every semester.