About twenty students from pattern making and fitting and alterations class will showcase their fashion designs at a fashion show, called “Showcase Runway” on Dec. 10.

Any student presenting work in the show personally sketched the design, created the pattern and sewed the article of clothing from scratch.
In this particular show, four student’s clothing lines will be featured.

Allie Bock, a senior studying business management will showcase a summer printed jumper collection called “Jump Into Spring.” She has a total of five jumpers. They each differ in their necklines and back designs. Fabrics range from prints to solids to corduroy.

Another line that will be featured is called “End of Line,” a sci-fi theme inspired by Tron. This line is designed by Trent Evans, junior, studying business marketing. In his line, there will be seven jackets.

Evans has always combined his love for sewing with his interest in sci-fi media.

“It started out when I was watching Star Trek, and I wanted to make a Star Trek uniform. It just went from there,” Evans said.

Samantha Comstock, a senior majoring in university studies will showcase her Wizard of Oz inspired children’s clothing line.

Stephanie Petersen, a senior studying horticutlure will present a line of temple dresses.

The show is made possible by four individuals from the events management class: Paige Clifton, a junior studying communication; Charlie Aleman, a freshman majoring in general studies; Jennilyn Potter, a senior studying communication; and Kimi Fisher, a senior studying child development.

Along with these individuals, other departments on campus have been involved. Many students studying art have volunteered to photograph the event. The Dance Department has helped choreograph the show. Local student cosmetologists are helping with the models’ hair and make.

The Communication and the Home and Family departments have also pitched in.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with departments and students that we probably wouldn’t have worked with if we hadn’t planned this runway show,” said Fisher, part of the event management team for the show. “On campus, we have staff members who have been to fashion shows in New York and have given us advice, helped with choreography and the overall design of this event. We are excited that together we have created an event that this campus hasn’t seen in years.”

This event will be held in the MC Grand Ballroom at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Admission will be $1 per student.