On August 22, 2009, a young woman entered the waters of baptism, beginning a journey that would one day come to help others with the experiences and trials that cause others to turn away from the gospel.

Her name is Al Fox, and this is her story.

Her arms and legs are tattooed, and there is a mark on her per lip where there once was a piercing.

“What’s noteworthy is that I wasn’t looking for anything,” Fox said. “The gospel found me and I tried my hardest to disregard it, completely convinced I could do everything on my own.”

She said she was already happy with who she was and what she was doing.

“I really liked me,” Fox said.

She said that over time, she started to do the commitments that the missionaries asked her to do.

“I would pray, the worst prayers Heavenly Father has ever heard, so I thought, because I didn’t know how to pray and it was awkward for me, and I was reading, I don’t know what, out of The Book of Mormon.”

She said she started to unconsciously change because of her reading and praying.

“I changed. Not because someone told me I had to, [but] I changed because that is what happens when you feel the spirit. That is what happens when Christ becomes a reality in your life,” Fox said.

She said that when the day of her baptism arrived, she had a pleasant surprise. She said she originally didn’t want to invite anyone to her baptism because she felt embarrassed by it.

“But there were so many people that came that the room was full,” Fox said. “That meant the world to me.”

She said she recalled not wanting to look into the eyes of Elder Despain, the missionary who taught her, or the speakers, because she knew that seeing their tears would make her cry as well.

“It was my confirmation that was my favorite part. The spirit I so badly felt and craved, it was now mine! To have, to keep, to feel, always. Forever.”

Fox is the author of a blog, “In the Head of Al Fox.”

According to her most recent blog post, “Tattooed Mormon,” posted on April 2, there are over 37,000 Facebook shares directly from her blog.

Fox she said she started her blog so that she could teach the unteachable.

“It’s a question that originally came to me when my family didn’t sport my decision to be baptized,” she said.

Fox said she started her blog because she wants to answer the questions, “How do you teach someone that doesn’t want to listen? How do you teach someone that you may never meet and get a chance to talk with?”

“I cannot take any credit for anything that I’ve done or what has come from it. It’s all Him,” Fox said.

Fox doesn’t know what to expect from her blog in the future.

“It’s already grown a thousand percent bigger than ever expected. Nothing has ever gone the way I had in mind.”

Fox said she has a lot more to say, and would love for the world to hear it.

To read Fox’s blog, visit www.alfoxshead.blogspot.com. Her ideos can be viewed at www.youtube.com/user/22alfox. To learn more about Fox like her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/SpreadTheSpirit.