Written by Sam Dalton, @_SamDalton

The Temple Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently released the ability to print temple ordinance cards from home.

The option to print ordinance cards to take to the temple will be made available stake by stake. The release was started in November 2015 and will continue through the early months of 2016 until the option is available in all temple districts throughout the world, according to lds.org.

“I personally think it is a great tool that the Church has put out there,” said Kourtney Howard, a sophomore majoring in marriage and family studies.

Before, members were required to print out a Family Ordinance Request or have family ordinance cards printed at the temple. The new tool streamlines the process, according to lds.org.

“I remember as a young woman when my mom and I would attend the temple together, it would be such a hassle to print off the bar code then have someone else take it up to records to get printed,” Howard said. “It makes it all the more easier.”

Once an ordinance for a family member is requested, a blue print button will appear under effective ordinances. After clicking the print button, a drop down menu will appear where one can select Print Family Ordinance Cards. Simple on-screen prompts will follow, according to familysearch.org.

Howard said she has noticed more and more that temple patrons are encouraged to print their ordinance cards at home.

“I do know that some people don’t have that capability,” Howard said. “I have also found recently that it has to be a specific size.”

Standard white office paper is to be used, according to lds.org. Gender will not be designated by color anymore, so there is no need to try to duplicate specific colors. Once cards are printed, they need to be cut out before being brought to the temple.