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The BYU-Idaho Testing Center anticipated breaking its record for the number of students served in a single day.

In an interview with KBYUI, Seth Deming, the director of the Testing Center, said they planned to serve over 6,000 students in a single day during this session of finals.

Due to the high number of students needing to take tests in the Testing Center, the lines snaked through the Manwaring Center. At one point, one of the lines reached the north side of the building near the staircase.

Joey Sego, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, started waiting in line for the Testing Center at 8 a.m. It took him an hour to travel between the trophy case in the MC to the opening of the skybridge. By 11:30 a.m., he was finally able to make his way back through the skybridge and down the stairs to the Testing Center.

Just before Sego reached the Testing Center, University Relations sent an email to students stating that the Testing Center would expand to other locations on campus for students to take their tests.

“Due to long lines, the Testing Center has opened up the Special Events Room on the third floor of the Manwaring Center to accommodate more students,” according to the email. “The additional location will offer chairs to about 100 test takers.”

In a follow-up email, University Relations stated that all tests are being handed out at the Testing Center and students need to check-in there before taking their test.

Sego said he was finally able to take his test in the library.

Paige Pochop, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said that while she has experienced long lines during finals week before, she has never had the line move to the second floor.


BROOKS MCFADDEN | Scroll Photography

“You can walk through the MC, actually, as opposed to before,” she said.

By the time Pochop started waiting in line, the Testing Center had already been expanded.

This expansion proved to be helpful. Unlike Sego, who took an hour to travel from the trophy case to the skybridge, Pochop crossed the distance in ten minutes.

University Relations encouraged students whose tests are open through Friday to wait until then to take them.

“The Testing Center is also working with faculty to expand exam deadlines for students who have had to wait in line for an extended period of time,” according to the email. “If an exam is open through Friday, students are encouraged to return to take their test tomorrow, when lines are expected to be shorter.”